“The entire Plan on College experience was excellent. Our son was involved with the whole process from day one. Not only did they provide career suggestions, they were instrumental in identifying colleges that might offer a scholarship based on his test score, interest, background and more. A small investment for such a large return! Thank you Plan on College!!” – Scott J.

“Plan on College was a great help to our family. They were patient with us and detailed on all of their explanations. They helped us understand how to we could qualify for the most financial aid. One of the most beneficial receivables is that we were presented with colleges that would be a good fit for my children, and for our affordability. Every step of the way, we could count on them for support and the results were outstanding. Do yourself a favor and meet with their team to see if they can help you too!” – Arkady L.

“We first met with Tom back in 2013 when our older daughter was going to college. We got advice from Tom back then that is still beneficial today, now that we have other kids entering college. I’ve studied and been involved with finance for the last 30 years – but there’s a lot more to college financing that one would suspect. Getting advice – even it costs upfront – is well worth it. I also appreciate that this was not a strong sell situation. Tom gave advice and left us to make up our own minds about what to do.” – Mervyn K.

“Plan on College has helped us in so many ways- prep for ACT/SAT, interest/aptitude tests, career choices, scholarships, applications, timing of when everything happens and when everything is due (there are SO many parts to this preparation!), and what Mom and Dad care so much about – financial aid. We’ve met in person with them, on the phone, corresponded through email. When I look back at emails I’ve sent, they have answered ALL my detailed questions and, I might add, in a very professional manner! We are on our way as my son starts college within 2 weeks but I know they will be there if I have questions with financial aid in upcoming years. Thank you, Plan on College! Shout out to Jackie for all her attention to our concerns!” – Barbara K.

“We chose to hire Plan on College to help us with the college process for our daughter after attending one of their informative seminars. They put together a list of college suggestions based on my daughter’s personal goals, interests and potential major while focusing on which schools will offer us the most scholarships and grants. Not only did they show us how to qualify for more financial aid, we also appreciate that we don’t have to worry about filing the FAFSA every year, which they take care of. What we loved the most is that Tom created a financial plan for us that brought us a piece of mind that we will have enough for retirement and will still be able to pay for our daughter’s college. A true win!!!” – Marcela S.

“We have been working with Plan on College for about 8 years with all three of our children. Highly recommend their services-their advice and expertise has helped guide our children to the schools that truly are the best fit for them. Each year they have filed our FAFSA way before the deadline giving our children the best chance at receiving scholarships and grants.” – Caryn W.